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Buy returned goods comfortably with all information at a glance in our portal.

Save time & money
with digital shopping helps you to save money by first-class qualification and categorization of goods when shopping for remnants.

1. Selection

Select the desired goods or packages

In our portal you will find the full product overview of currently available return goods.

You can order ready packages, choose from individual products and browse them with search terms and filters according to your needs.

2. Control

Check the classification, damage and use

Each unit is accompanied by pictures, our internal quality rating, online price and usage. 

Any damage or signs of use are accurately documented and can be verified with pictures and detailed descriptions.

3. Order

Order the selected goods with a few clicks

You can add all the products you want to the shopping cart and then order them immediately with just a few clicks.

So you can be sure that you have secured the best return goods for you within minutes.