Buy Returns

Buy returns from Elvinci in single items or larger quantities.

Find exactly the return goods you want helps you to save money by first-class qualification and categorization of goods when shopping for remnants.

Full transparency

Most detailed documentation on damage and dents

In our innovative buyer portal you will find all devices including pictures, descriptions and classification. All defects or damages are described in detail – no nasty surprises await you, but exactly the products you bought.


Cost savings through innovative warehousing and packaging

By optimizing the warehouse through artificial intelligence, we save storage space and time in loading, unloading and further scheduling. 

This gives us unfair advantages over the competition – for you and for us.


Almost new equipment to choose from a wide selection

In addition to used or damaged B-goods, you can find intact A-goods without signs of use at a favorable price. With the help of filters in the buyer portal, you can search specifically for these devices.

Without much effort, but with a few clicks, you can order the selected goods directly online.

All quality levels available

Take advantage of our returns management and benefit from a wide range of advantages.


Original packed, new goods, which are free from defects and deficiencies.


Goods that have defects or restrictions on the condition of the goods, which are visible or visible and / or may lead to a limitation of the product offered.


Goods that may be defective, but do not have to be defective. Generally, this merchandise condition definition is uninspected customer returns. The items are sold without warranty or guarantee.

Our returned goods at a glance

Find the devices of your choice at a glance.

Free of charge & without obligation

It is that easy to buy Returns


Schedule Demo

Fill out the form and request an interview. An expert will contact you to arrange a time for your introduction.


Introduction to the portal

Together we will go through the buyer portal, explain the simple operation and create your personal access.


Buy products

You can immediately select your desired products from the entire assortment, and order immediately with a few clicks.

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