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Buy returns online as a merchant

As a retailer, buy online what you really need for your customers. At Elvinci you can buy returned goods such as white goods, small appliances and multimedia on pallets online through our buyer portal. Our salespeople create packages tailored to your needs, which you can process yourself, so that you buy only the goods that you can sell best. You can buy from us online or on site in the returns warehouse.

Our quality levels

We have a wide range of A, B and C goods. In our customer portal, the inventory is classified and prices are set accordingly.


A-goods is original packed new goods.


B-goods with visible defects such as scratches or dents, which are documented in detail in our condition descriptions.


C-goods with visible defects and visible signs of use. The technical functionality may be present, but may also have defects.

Our product range at a glance

You can also find current descriptions and images of our returned goods and pallet goods on our social media channels.

It is so easy to buy returns at Elvinci

Contact us

Once you enter your information into our contact form, a sales representative will contact you to talk about the details and what return merchandise you are looking for.​

Buyer portal

We will go through the buyer portal together and explain how to use it. You will receive your personal access after the terms and conditions have been accepted and a salesperson responsible for you. They can put together packages and offers for you that meet your specifications.​

Select & order returned goods

You will receive a package from your seller via our buyer portal, which you can process. You can aselect individual items, remove them and replace them with others to optimize your package and then order them. At any time you can see the price for each device and offer.​


After the order is placed, the goods are paid, palletized and released for collection.​


The customer organizes the collection of his articles within a defined period of time. When the truck arrives, it is optimally loaded so that as many items as possible are safely placed in a truck.​


The salesperson responsible contacts the customer for a debriefing as soon as the customer has viewed the goods and finds out about the customer’s satisfaction. If a complaint is necessary, the subject will be discussed over the phone.​

The Elvinci buyer portal helps you to buy exactly the products you need through first-class qualification, information and categorization of returns.

Produktbeschreibung und Dokumentation von Schäden und Dellen

Product description and documentation of damage

In our innovative buyer portal you will find detailed information, images, classifications and product descriptions for all returned products. As a result, you as a retailer always know exactly what you are getting.

Current goods received as soon as possible

By optimizing our returns management, we are able to resell current returned goods from valued brands as quickly as possible. This will give you an edge over your competition.

Die Bearbeitung der aktuellen weißen Ware.
Viel Auswahl an neuwertigen und gebrauchten Retourenwaren

Large selection of new and used returned goods

With us you will find a large selection of new and used returned goods in the categories of white goods, small appliances on pallets, toys and multimedia on pallets. In our buyer portal you can select the products you need and buy packages specially adapted to your needs. As a result, you only buy the products that you can sell profitably to your customers. With just a few clicks you can order your selected devices directly online.

Buy returns and promote sustainability

Products are ordered daily and then returned. The returns are often almost new, functional devices, some of which are still in their original packaging or have slight defects caused by transport. There may also be functional devices, but in most cases they can be repaired.

Through the secondary marketing and subsequent use of returns, you as a buyer help to make returns more sustainable.