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As a retailer, order online what you really need for your customers. At Elvinci you can order returned goods online through our web portal. Our salesmen create packages tailored to your needs, which you can edit yourself, so that you buy only the goods that you can sell best.

Save time, money and nerves with Elvinci's buyer portal

Elvinci’s buyer portal helps you shop for exactly the goods you need through top-notch qualification and categorization of returned goods.

Ausführlichste Dokumentation über Schäden und Dellen

Product description and documentation of damage

In our innovative buyer portal you will find detailed information, pictures, classifications and condition descriptions for all devices. This way you always know exactly what you are getting.


Receive current goods as soon as possible

By optimizing our returns management, we are able to resell current merchandise from valued brands very quickly. This way, you will receive current returned goods with new models as quickly as possible. This gives you an advantage over your competition.

Aktuelle Ware schnellstmöglich erhalten
Große Auswahl an neuwertige und gebrauchte Retourenware
Large selection of as good as new and used returned goods​

Almost new equipment to choose from a wide selection

With us you will find a wide selection of as good as new and used returned goods in the categories of white goods, small appliances, toys and multimedia. In our buyer portal you can choose goods you need and buy packages specially adapted to your needs. This way you buy only the goods that you can profitably sell to your customers.

Our quality levels

We have a wide range of A, B and C goods. In our customer portal, the inventory is classified and price fixed accordingly.


Original packed new goods


Goods with visible defects such as scratches or dents, which are documented in detail in our condition descriptions.


Goods with visible defects and visible signs of use. The technical functionality may be present, but may also have defects.

Unsere Produktpalette auf einen Blick​

It is that easy to buy Returns


Schedule Demo

Fill out the form and request an interview. An expert will contact you to arrange a time for your introduction.


Introduction to the portal

Together we will go through the buyer portal, explain the simple operation and create your personal access.


Buy products

You can immediately select your desired products from the entire assortment, and order immediately with a few clicks.

Buy returns and promote sustainability

Every day, products are ordered and then returned. Often, the returned products are functional devices that are almost as good as new, some of which are still in their original packaging or have slight defects due to transport. There may also be functional devices that can be repaired in most cases.


By secondary marketing and subsequent use of returns, you as a buyer contribute to making the handling of returns more sustainable.