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Sell returns as a supplier

As a supplier, sell returns by offering your excess inventory to a wholesale company that specializes in returned goods. By working with experts like elvinci, you can be confident of efficient returns processing.

Sell returns

Sell returns to elvinci to avoid financial losses. As a wholesaler, you have the opportunity to offer us household appliances and electronic products such as small appliances and multimedia items in categories A, B and C on a pallet basis.

Retouren verkaufen an Elvinci
Retourenmanagement bei Elvinci

Returns management

Our returns management include a smoothly integrated, self-developed system andartificial intelligence. Several applications play a significant role in our returns management process: our classification app enables precise classification of returned items, the customer portal offers our customers a user-friendly platform, customer analytics provides us with detailed insights into user behavior, our recommendation system helps with personalized solutions, the palletizing app optimizes shipment preparation, and price optimization rounds off the overall system.