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Sell returns to wholesale

Sell your returns and overstocks to a wholesale company that specializes in returned goods. When you work with experts like elvinci, you can be sure that your returns management will work.

Retouren und A:B:C- Ware verkaufen

Relief for your returns warehouse through sales and returns processing

Returns and excess quantities are part of the business. Nevertheless, these items lead to an overload of your returns warehouse. By selling residual items and returns, you can optimize your returns processing and save costs.

By selling to elvinci, the company specializing in electrical wholesale takes over the returns management for you. elvinci eliminates disruptive factors and reduces storage costs so that you can concentrate on your core business and your logistics processes run smoothly.

Working with us, we support you with modular services, customized to your needs. We can take over your complete reverse logistics process or take care of a sub-area. Our service includes the purchase and sale of your returns and the returns management for goods receipt, inventory, qualification and categorization until resale. elvinci can respond quickly and at short notice according to your needs to buy and sell your supplies. Alternatively, we can work with fixed framework agreements. We offer fairly calculated conditions and enable a long-term plannable cooperation.

Sell returns and A/B/C goods

The steady growth in online/multichannel and retailing brings with it not only growing sales but also an increasing volume of customer returns. The sale of returns and A/B/C merchandise is thus becoming increasingly important. A regular resale of the goods by the supplier is time-consuming, as the condition of the goods has to be checked by personnel at high cost.

The sale of returned goods increases the overall turnover of the company and generates a liquidity boost, which can be reinvested.

We buy and sell your surplus returns regardless of condition. The spectrum ranges from as-new A-goods to B-goods to C-goods. The returns are simply collected in your returns warehouse and picked up by us at the interval you specify. This reduces your transport and logistics costs. We can react quickly according to your needs and buy and sell goods. elvinci works exclusively with wholesalers and B2B distributors. Our widespread and long-standing network of partners enables us to resell your offers on your terms.

Entlastung für Ihr Retouren Lager durch Verkauf und Retourenabwicklung

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about selling overhangs

Overstocks and returns are often offered on ebay or Amazon. The online store offers an easy way to sell as-new products or B-goods.

Buying and selling excess inventory is associated with some risk. Returns, offered on ebay or ebay classifieds are often not categorized. Therefore, it is important to check the condition of the goods in advance. Therefore, you should also always pay attention to the information, for example, the Amazon Seller.

The offered products can be purchased online or from return merchants.