Sell Returns

Hand off the problems of returns and overstocks to Elvinci so you don’t get stuck with your costs.

We relieve your warehouse
and your logistics.

Returns are foreign bodies in the flow of your value chain. We take this area off your hands and create free space for you.


We take over your surpluses in the warehouse

No matter how well you plan, in today’s world changes in the assortment and thus not current goods, as well as unplanned surpluses in the warehouse are part of it. When these or similar irregularities occur, the corresponding stocks, which are dead capital and also cause storage costs, cause headaches.

Elvinci offers the solution, because we are happy to take away your worries – in the truest sense of the word. We are not only happy to act at short notice, but also always with fixed framework agreements and cleanly calculated conditions at fair prices.


Returns and B-goods

The ever-increasing pace of retail not only brings growing sales, but also a mountain of customer returns. In most cases, reselling the goods is not an option because the condition of the goods is unknown.

Ideally, we take over the complete chain of returns processing, from receiving the goods, to inventory, to reselling the returns.

Logistics chain

The logistics

The returns are collected and picked up by Elvinci at the frequency you specify, and in some cases the returns are already sent directly back to us by the chain store. This means that your logistics chain only knows one direction.

The critical point here is the incoming goods inspection and clean documentation of the goods movements. The incoming returns must be precisely inventoried so that no accounting differences arise between the claimed and delivered items. For this purpose, we provide you with customized documentation so that you have full transparency in your accounting at all times.


Our distribution channels and sales territories

We take into account the distribution channels and sales areas of our business partners to prevent your price structures from being jeopardized. It is essential to prevent your special quotas from being sold off online on E-Bay & Co. Due to our long-standing sales contacts, we usually operate 90% offline.

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