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Trust through transparency

Trust can only be earned through transparency and honesty. For this reason you have full transparency about prices, goods and our stock, so that we can earn your trust.

Buy returned goods online

You can buy returned goods online through our buyer portal. We create packages according to your wishes, which you can subsequently edit by removing and adding goods online.

Reliable business partner

Whether it is buying or selling returned goods, we are reliable on your side. Our business partners can trust us to keep agreements on time and content.


Get in contact with us! Call us directly by phone or send us an e-mail. We will arrange an appointment with you so that you can meet their salesman and visit the warehouse.

Returned goods from elvinci

Current pictures and descriptions of our returned goods can also be found on our social media channels.

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We have white goods such as ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, washer-dryers, side by side, freezers and fridge-freezers in stock.

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In our warehouse we have in stock palletized goods with small appliances, electrical appliances and multimedia.

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"The only thing that could run easier or cheaper: Would be to have a Transport company that delivers the goods to Cologne cheaply!"
"Our company is very satisfied with and hopes that the cooperation can become stronger and more continuous."
"Can only praise colleague Vitalie Ghiban, who is accommodating and does his job very well. He respects everything that was agreed upon and is always available."
"As a long-time customer at, I have no complaints and can only praise the team."
"Was with you in Nuremberg on Monday and had a very nice conversation with Mr. Mutaschar for the second time. I can only echo positive things and am very much looking forward to our further cooperation."

The GmbH

Our goal is to revolutionize the returns industry.

The business of B/C goods, returns, excess stock, etc. is often unreliable and confusing. elvinci, on the other hand, is known by customers and business partners for anticipating the market and doing so with great success. Das Geschäft mit B/C-Ware, Retouren, Lagerüberhängen etc. ist oft unzuverlässig und unübersichtlich. elvinci hingegen ist bei Kunden und Geschäftspartnern dafür bekannt, den Markt zu antizipieren und das mit großem Erfolg.
Retouren kaufen bei Elvinci

Buy returns

As a retailer, order online what you really need for your customers. At elvinci, as a retailer, you can buy returned goods online through our web portal. Our salesmen create packages tailored to your needs, which you can edit yourself, so that you buy only the items and products that they can sell best. Our assortment includes white goods with ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, washer-dryers, fridge-freezers, side by side, freezers and electrical appliances on pallets with small electrical appliances, toys and multimedia.

Sell returns

Sell returns and overstocks to elvinci immediately so you don’t get stuck with your costs. As a wholesaler, you can sell us white goods and electrical appliances such as small appliances and multimedia on pallets in A-goods, B-goods and C-goods categories.

Retouren verkaufen an Elvinci
Retourenmanagement bei Elvinci

Returns management

Our returns management service comprises a seamlessly integrated, proprietary system of tools and AI implementations. Several applications play an important role in our returns management process: our classification app enables precise classification of returned items, the buyer portal provides our customers with an intuitive platform, customer analytics gives us deep insights into user behavior, our recommendation system supports personalized solutions, the palletization app optimizes shipment preparation, and price optimization rounds out the overall system.

Blog posts

Read the latest press releases, information and blog posts from the media online.

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FAQ - frequently asked questions about trading with remnants and special items

Residual and special items you sell to a professional residual item dealer who specializes in trading this particular category of goods. Elvinci has established itself as a market leader in the trade of returns, residual items and other types of special items.

The Elvinci buyer portal enables easy and targeted purchase of returns, B-goods and remaining stock. After getting an access and being introduced to the portal's functionality, you can immediately start browsing through the offers and purchasing goods at attractive conditions.

The market for remnants, returns, B-goods and other special items is quite complicated and not infrequently also opaque. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that dubious returns traders can also be found in the online sector. Therefore, trust the expertise of a professional and established remnant trader like Elvinci GmbH.